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Pint Nine innovates with A Hill Of Beans Coffee

Pint Nine Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Papillion, NE, just off Portal Rd. Since 2017, they have established themselves as a neighborhood bar with a reputation for producing exceptional craft beer. Before we lived in a world of craft breweries and taprooms, beer was often purchased from local bottle shops and was served in a 16.9 oz bottle. The name "Pint 9" is derived from the common name for these bottles, which are a pint plus 0.9 oz.

Founder and head brewer Jimi Watson has been a craft beer enthusiast since the mid-90s and continues to contribute to the craft at Pint 9. Their philosophy and commitment is one of tradition and innovation. “We stand on the tradition of brewers before us to create aroma driven American ales and complex Belgian beers. We appreciate fine German lagers and English session ales, but also, we crave innovation of one-off batches and barrel aging.” To add to their list of unique features, Pint 9 uses coffee from A Hill of Beans in several of their beers, including names like 'Frank Sumatra', 'Oso Cafe Coffee Brown Ale', and 'The Big Lebrownski'.

A Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters is proud to partner with Pint Nine Brewing Company as they continue to create new and innovative beer flavors. Their combination of coffee with traditional beer ingredients has created a distinctive taste that sets them apart from other breweries. If you're in the Papillion area, make sure to stop by Pint Nine Brewing Company for a delicious pint of craft beer and to enjoy a top-notch brewery, with the feel of a great neighborhood bar.

“We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy brewing them.”

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