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Black Sheep Coffee House - Springfield, NE

You can find Hill of Beans coffee all over the Omaha Metro (and beyond) thanks to our incredible wholesale partners. We wanted to introduce you to some of these amazing people, beginning with Black Sheep Coffee House, one of our favorite customers from way back (even before Donna opened Black Sheep).

Black Sheep Coffee House is a cozy coffee shop only a few minutes to the south of Omaha, located in Springfield, NE. They are best known for their fresh brewed coffee, signature coffee drinks, and scratch made baked goods.

Hanging just inside the door is a beautiful painting of the shop’s namesake, a black sheep. The owner, Donna Friday, says the name came from her desire to "do her own thing”. For many years she was a coffee franchise owner, but eventually decided her scratch-made baked goods and drink ideas didn’t fit in the corporate box anymore. This was the beginning of Black Sheep, where they do things a little differently, because “different is good.”

“Living local” is clearly part of the DNA at Black Sheep Coffee House. You can feel the community connection that runs through every part of the business. It’s a place where most customers are known by name, and the staff acts like family. The paintings on the wall were done by local artist Robin Nelson, who has a studio just down the street. The savory scones and various baked goods were made in the back room by the same person serving them to you. It all works together to create a place that feels like home, only with way better coffee.

We’d highly recommend a visit to Black Sheep Coffee House. It’s different in all the best ways, and we applaud their commitment to really good coffee, and building local community spirit. Just like we like to say: Real Coffee. Real People.

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1 comentario

23 nov 2022

I have known this sweet lady Donna for many years. She is such a doll

I hope to visit her shop some day

.Love u

Me gusta
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