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Live Local - Karma Koffee

Thanks to our incredible wholesale partners, you can find A Hill of Beans coffee all over the Omaha Metro and beyond. We are passionate about our local community, and want to introduce you to some of these amazing people.

Karma Koffee is located in Omaha, at North 155th Plaza, and has created a community around thoughtful living and really good coffee. The name for the shop came largely from business partner Jeff Wilke’s passion for meditation, and the world of karma. This warm and inviting shop has no shortage of interesting decor centered around the concept, including a one-of-a-kind wall feature, made from a cross-section of a large tree hanging on the wall.

Beyond the decor, the shop is deeply connected with local businesses. Sourcing their products from local connections is a priority, and can be tasted in their selection of baked goods, and of course in their fresh roasted Hill of Beans coffee. Among their signature drinks, you’ll find titles like “Kosmic Krunch” with caramel and maple flavors, and “Zen Chakra” featuring honey and lavender.

The team at Karma Koffee has created a truly unique and welcoming place, full of friendly faces and captivating ideas. Managing partner, Traci Page, says the shop is a cozy place to ask thought provoking questions and “ponder that over a nice, freshly brewed cup of coffee!”

If what “goes around comes around”, going to Karma Koffee is sure to leave you satisfied good coffee and good vibes to spare. Go check them out!

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